Lightweight PTFE Membrane is now available in full range

12. maj 2020
jpair production

After receiving a significant market interest to the recently launched lightweight E12 PTFE membrane filter media “JX81-B-PTFE”, we have further expanded the product range to fully cover all the efficiency classes.

The lightweight (80 g/m2) synthetic PTFE membrane filter media, which is engineered for high performing air filtration applications is now available in the following filtration classes:

  • F9 class: JX78-B-PTFE
  • E10 class: JX79-B-PTFE
  • E11 class: JX80-B-PTFE
  • E12 class: JX81-B-PTFE
  • H13 class: JX82-B-PTFE
  • H14 class: JX83-B-PTFE
Key Features
  • Fully synthetic filter media with PTFE membrane
  • Lightweight  – 80 g/m2
  • Low initial pressure drop
  • High specific surface area & total filter area
  • Excellent pleatability
Please find below datasheets and test reports:

F9: JX78-B-PTFE: Datasheet – Test Report

E10: JX79-B-PTFE: Datasheet – Test Report
E11: JX80-B-PTFE: Datasheet – Test Report
E12: JX81-B-PTFE: Datasheet – Test Report
H13: JX82-B-PTFE: Datasheet – Test Report
H14: JX83-B-PTFE: Datasheet – Test Report