Clear-Flex SDX


Over the years, we have steadily improved the qualities of Clear-Flex and now we can proudly offer Clear-Flex SDX, our fourth-generation product. This custom-compounded polyether-based polyurethane meets ATEX requirements for static dissipation and both FDA and EC standards for food and pharmaceutical contact, while retaining flexibility, exceptional clarity and outstanding durability.

Is Clear-Flex SDX the world’s most perfect connector and sleeve material? You decide!

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View Clear-Flex Datasheet


Clear-Flex SDX Specifications


Clear-Flex SDX Seamless Tubing Sizes
Clear-Flex SDX is available in 10 standard diameters of seamless tubing with 0.8-mm wall thickness, in lengths of up to 15 m:


Clear-Flex SDX Custom Made Connectors
Clear-Flex SDX is available in 0.51-mm, 0.75-mm and 1.52-mm. wall thickness for custom made connectors.