Clear-Flex polyurethane: CLEARLY a better connector!

Clear-Flex is your solution when you need flexible connectors, which are static-dissipative, EC1935/FDA-acceptable, highly clear… or all three!

Best of all, Clear-Flex outlasts rubber and fabric sleeves by 10 to 1 in the demanding application of processing dry, abrasive materials!

Clear-Flex is available in a variety of shapes, including seamless tubing, spliced sleeves and connectors, and even moulded, corrugated sleeves.



JP Air Tech is a premier provider of fabric connectors in any combination of length, shape, connection, diameters and materials.

If you can design it, we can sew it!


PTFE (Teflon®) Flexibles

JP Air Tech PTFE flexible connectors are safe for direct food contact and provide outstanding resistance to aggressive cleaning practices.
Our selection of PTFE fabrics and flexible laminate films gives you the choice of breathable or dust-tight media.


Rubber Tubing & Sleeves

The right rubber compound makes all the difference in terms of durability and wear.

JP Air Tech is your source for dozens of FDA and non-FDA rubber compounds.

With thousands of mandrel sizes in stock, JP Air Tech has the flexibility to provide you with the seamless rubber tubing designed for your process.


Corrugated Sleeves

Corrugated sleeves are the traditional backbone of flexible connections.

JP Air Tech offers all three standard styles in a variety of lengths, diameters and compounds, including ultra-tough polyurethane… and we maintain a large inventory of the most common size and material versions for immediate shipment!


Black Neoprene Non-FDA Rubber Compound

Made with 100% Neoprene polymer, this compound is the lowest durometer compound we currently market. It is highly loaded with oil to achieve the low durometer.

Typical physicals are:
Tensile lbs sq in.: 275
Ultimate Elongation %: 550
Shore A durometer: 15-20
Sheet can be custom made to other thicknesses as well as dimensions up to 48” x 48”.


Corrugated Sleeves

For maximum flex life, choose the design sleeve with more corrugations for improved wear and durability. Ideal for all types of vibratory and gyratory motion including screeners, sifters, dryers, conveyors, hoppers and more. the only style available with the improved performance of clear polyurethane.

12” (305mm) length at
4” (102mm) I.D
6” (152mm) I.D
8” (203mm) I.D
10” (254mm) I.D

Clear Polyurethane
Natural Gum Rubber


Molded Silicone Bellows

Silicone Bellows: Molded flexible connector designed for loss-in-weight systems.

Choose from two silicone compounds.
Translucent silicone which is FDA-acceptable per CFR 177.2600.
Black silicone which is static-conductive.
Both offer low axial and lateral force and flexible stretch for easy installation.
Temperatures from -18° to 204° C
Air and dust tight
Available Length:107.9mm

Available Diameters:
63.5mm • 76.2mm • 101.6mm
152.4mm • 203.2mm • 254mm
304.8mm • 355.6mm


Custom Connectors

Clear-Flex polyurethane is now available in new custom connector designs.
Allows us to turn your CAD drawing into a Clear-Flex custom connector!

ROUND and SQUARE / RECTANGULAR flanged connectors with or without bolt holes.
TAPERED (conical) connecting sleeves with straight cuffs at each end.
ROUND and SQUARE / RECTANGULAR machine / bin / trough covers.
Connecting sleeves with stainless steel non-collapse rings

This custom-compounded polyether-based polyurethane meets ATEX requirements for static dissipation and both FDA and EC standards
for food and pharmaceutical contact, while retaining flexibility, exceptional clarity and outstanding durability.

Does Not Contain Phthalates.
Highly Static-Dissipative: ATEX Zone 20, 21, 22 Compliant for Use in Explosive Atmospheres.
-18 to 88° C Operating Temperature Range.
82A Durameter, Clear, Smooth Finish, Soft “Rubbery” Feel.
Clear, Transparent – See your processing flow!