The effective discharge alternative

In situations, in which materials have very poor flow properties or are prone to bridging in the discharge area of any silo type, the Vibra Aeration Pad is the obvious solution. The combination of compressed air and the vibration generated by the Vibra-Pad by its special material properties will guarantee the improvement of the flow properties of almost any material. The air pressure is regulated from outside the silo and can also be linked to a timed solenoid to pulse the air into the material
, when required. The installation of the Vibra-Pad in the silo wall/casing is a straightforward operation.


Function of the vibra-pad

Compressed Air In: 
Compressed air enters the silo via the Vibra-Pad fixing bolt/pin and escapes from under the neoprene/silicon membrane.

A combination of the compressed air burst and vibration of the Pad membrane enables the material to flow.

Compressed Air Off: Once the compressed air is shut off, the material compacts. The neoprene membrane seals off against the silo wall and, aided by the double lip design, prevents any material from escaping into the airline or atmosphere.

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