In this era of food safety vigilance, food processors must adhere to increasingly stringent government guidelines. Keeping foreign material “surprises” out of our food and food ingredients is one of the industry’s most pressing ambitions.

Sifting and screening equipment utilises exible sleeves on the inlets and outlets. Screen-cleaning devices such as balls are used to clear the screen mesh of near-sized particles. Without exception, these connecting sleeves and screen cleaning devices abrade from contact with the ow of the process materials. Cleaner balls chip and crack from striking against the screen mesh and ball tray.

Where do these particles and pieces end up?

Get better connected with MAGNETHANE, a proprietary blend available in USDA / FDA acceptable thermoplastic resins and thermoplastic rubber compounds. In either form, MAGNETHANE provides both a very powerful magnetic susceptibility and excellent metal detectability. Plastic and rubber parts made from MAGNETHANE can be trapped and detected like metal.

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