For different dust and conditions, we offer a variety of high-performance filter materials.

Base Product:
Polyester Spun-bonded Non-Woven Fabric Plain
Basic Weight: 130g/m2 to 260g/m2
Feature: High air permeability, Low pressure drop, Good dust release and Long service life.

PTFE membrane:
Polyester spun-bonded Non-Woven + PTFE-Mem.
Feature: High filtration efficiency (E10, E11, E12, H13 and H14) and extremely good dust release can be applied to any base product.

Nano Technology:
Can be applied to any base product.
Feature: High efficiency and low pressure drop.

Static Conductive:
Product: Aluminium Coating on base product, PTFE-membrane or HO-treated materials
Feature: Good electric Conductivity.

Water & Oil Repellent:
Can be applied to any base product.
Feature: Water and Oil repellent performance, Good dust release in high humidity areas.

Flame Retardant:
Can be applied to any base product.
Feature: non-flammable and good dust release.

Our materials are produced with “Dual pressure Dual S” technology. There are two different pore size surfaces in the material.

The surface with smaller fibre (incoming surface) size to ensure precision; the surface with larger fibre size to ensure air permeability.

Actual in situ field results, dust particles do not penetrate the surface of the fabric. Fine particulate is not allowed to penetrate into fabric thickness.
Thus, fabric maintains its breathe and does not reduce airflow.

Lower pressure drop and longer filter life are the positive results.

Fabric’s dust collection surface is treated with a specialised, proprietary method to ensure that the surface has the lowest frictional resistance (smooth).
 Less resistance means less dust cake adhesions. Better dust cake release means less pressure drop and greater airflow.