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  • Seeflex 020E
  • Wall thickness : 0,5mm
  • Temp. Range : -25° to 80° C
  • ATEX zone 20-21-22 approved
  • Superior chemical restistance for CIP and washing – Connectors must be thoroughly washed with water between applications
  • EC1935/2004 and FDA approved

Seeflex 020E datasheet

  • Seeflex 040E
  • Wall thickness : 0,9mm
  • Temp. Range : -25° to 110° C
  • ATEX zone 20-21-22 approved
  • Superior chemical restistance for CIP and washing
  • EC1935/2004 and FDA approved

Seeflex 040E datasheet

  • Seeflex 020E and 040E with SS Ring
  • Seeflex 040AS – ANTISTATIC
  • Wall thickness : 1,0mm
  • Temp. Range : -25° to 95° C
  • Designed for applications where static is a problem

Seeflex 040AS – ANTISTATIC datasheet

  • LM4
  • 100% polyester
  • Max. Operation Temp : 130° C
  • LM4 is predominantly used in applications where air needs to be vented from the walls of the flexible connector.

LM4 datasheet

  • Teflex
  • Fibre and scrim composition : PTFE
  • Wall thickness : 0,5mm
  • PTFE is capable of running at high temperatures.
    Continuously operating at 260° C with short term surges at 280° C.

TEFLEX datasheet

  • Seeflex 060ES
  • The BFM Seeflex 060ES connector is only used for over pressure situations for continuous pressure up to 1.3 bar (tested on a static 200mm diameter x 200mm long connector *)
  • Pressure-resistant Seeflex 060ES is a clear, ether- based thermoplastic polyurethane alloy with an internal polyester scrim

Seeflex 060ES datasheet

  • Flexi connector
  • Available Diameters : 200 & 300 mm
  • Temp. Range : -20° to 85° C
  • Very flexible and High mechanical strength
  • Superior Chemical restistance for CIP and washing
  • EC1935/2004 and FDA approved

Flex Connector datasheet

  • Blanking cap
  • Connector with Closed End.

Blanking Cap datasheet

  • FM1 Breather
  • FM1 is a 100% polyester needle felt.
  • The FM1 breather bags are designed for breathing applications such as venting hoppers and other contained vessels.
  • The BFM breather may become required as the BFM connectors create a 100% sealed system.

FM1 Breather datasheet

  • Kevlar Cover
  • Kevlar is flame resistant and is typically used in over pressure and potentially explosive applications to reduce the risk of consequential fires.
  • The BFM Kevlar Cover is designed to fit over existing connectors and can be tightened onto the BFM Spigot using the butterfly mechanism at the top and the base of the connector.
  • It is very easy to install and remove, no tools required.

Kevlar Cover datasheet

  • Black Out Cover
  • The cover cuts out all light and is for use in light sensitive areas.
  • The Black Out Cover is designed to fit over existing BFM® connectors.
  • It is attached using a butterfly mechanism at the top and the base of the cover. This makes installing and removal easy and no tools are required.

Black Out Cover datasheet

  • Flexi-Earthed Connector
  • Ideal for bag feeders, filling heads or bulk bag fillers.
  • CIP safe, excellent microbial resistance.
  • Very flexible & lightweight, tight bend radius.
  • High mechanical strength & good hydrolytic stability

Flexi-Earthed Connector datasheet

  • Flexi-Light Connector
  • The Flexi-Light connector is made from an ether based polyurethane with a 316 stainless steel wire coil.
  • High mechanical strength – ideal for applications with both vertical and horizontal movement.
  • Very flexible & lightweight – excellent for weigh-scale applications and bag feeders/filling heads.
  • CIP safe, excellent microbial resistance

Flexi-Light Connector datasheet

  • LM3
  • LM3 is 100% woven Polypropylene
  • LM3 connectors are ideal for low temperature environments (down to -70 ̊C/-94 ̊F).
  • Perfect for food processing, especially when some breathability is required to alleviate pressure.

LM3 datasheet